Sporting Events

Sporting events we've taken part in from September 2019-



Year Group/s

20/9/19 Foot Golf Y4,5,& 6
23/9/19 Football Y6
17/10/19 Peter Dowd Football Competition Y4/5/6
5/11/19 Indoor Athletics Y2
8/11/19 Girls Football Y4
12/11/19 Dodgeball Y5
22/11/19 Football  Y5/6


Sporting events we've taken part in from September 2018-



Year Group/s


Football Tournament


06.11.18 Athletics Y1 & Y2
09.11.18 Dodgeball Y5


Bronze Ambassador training & Change 4 Life Festival

Y5 & Y6

Y3 & Y4

07.02.19 Football Tournament Y2
12.02.19 Football Tournament Y1
15.02.19 Swimming Gala Y5 & Y6
26.02.19 Football Tournament Y3
04.03.19 Football Tournament Y2
25.03.19 Athletics Y3 & Y4
25.03.19 Highland Games Y3 & Y4
02.04.19 Grand National Multi Skills Y3/Y4/Y5
07.05.19 Tennis Y3 & Y4
17.05.19 Sefton Daily Mile Whole School
20.05.19 Quad Kids Y5 & Y6
07.06.19 Girls Football Y3 & Y4
06.06.19 Military Day Whole School
10.06.19 Competitive Athletics Day Whole School
18.06.19 World Cup Day KS2
18.06.19 Penalty Shoot Out KS1 & Reception

Click the links below to find out more about each competition and to view photos!

World Cup Day

Sefton Daily Mile

Tennis Tournament 

Grand National Multi Skills

Highland Games

Indoor Athletics Year 3/4

Swimming Gala


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