Online Safety Survey Results

Safety Online - Survey Results

We have been completing an online safety survey with each class, which have resulted in some serious concerns particularly in years 1 and 2. 


Year 2 - 25 pupils say they use technology in their bedroom unsupervised by an adult, this means that no-one is supervising what the children are doing, who they are talking to and also if they are being watched through an online camera whoever is watching will see that they are unsupervised.  

10 pupils say they do not know what privacy settings are and don’t have them and more worryingly 6 say they regularly chat to people they don’t know and have never met. 


9 pupils say they use their real name when online and 1 pupil states they have given their personal information out, 4 say they have been asked to meet someone they didn’t know and more worryingly 1 pupil says they have met someone and didn’t tell anyone.  


18 pupils say they have seen or done something online that has frightened them and most have not told anyone about this.  


10 pupils have their own Facebook page (despite being significantly underage) and 23 of them say they feel they way they use online activities puts them at risk.


Whilst we can do all we can to educate the children about the risks and how to keep themselves safe we must let parents know what their children are saying about their use of online materials at home.


To keep children safe, it is recommended that none have online access in their bedroom alone, all parent restrictions are set up, parents carefully monitor all online use and ensure that children are accessing age appropriate materials and reinforce to children the importance of not speaking to strangers, meeting them or giving away personal details. The rule of thumb being: if you wouldn’t do these things with a stranger on the street don’t do it online.  


If parents do have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact school for further advice or information.

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