In maths year 3 will measure, compare, add and subtract lengths, mass and capacity. Children will also learn to tell the time to the nearest minute as well as solving problems based on time. We will be estimating and comparing durations of events as well as looking at seconds, minutes, hours, days and months.


In English year 3 have been reading Dr K asks... animals, a book of  letters from different animals writing to the doctor for advice. The children will be analysing features of letters before planning and writing their own animal problem letter and advice reply. The children will also be studying poetry this term. We will be reading and analysing different poems before writing our own poems based on one we have read together in class.


Year 3 are investigating rocks. They will be raising questions, planning experiments, collecting data and concluding findings throughout this unit. 


Year 3 are studying Jesus the man who changed lives and The Easter Story. Children will be discussing changes in their own lives.


In topic the children are learning about The Vikings. Throughout the unit, they will learn about different aspects of Viking life both through history and geography lessons.


In computing the children will be learning about online safety and will use Scratch Animation to create their own Viking game.


The children will be looking at the Traditional Chinese art and will create a blossom tree painting as part of Chinese New Year week.

Design and Tehnology

The children will be making Viking food.


The children will be developing their skills in gymnastics and football, as well as increasing their knowledge and understanding of the relationship between the body and exercise to improve fitness levels. Children will also be learning to swim 25m unaided and will swim every Friday.

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