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Curriculum Overview

Within the nursery curriculum there are three prime areas of learning and development:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional development
  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development

And four specific areas:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Art and Design

The curriculum is child centred and recognises play, talk, observation and exploration as the main ways that children learn.
In addition to activities which start from the children's interests, staff plan a series of interest topics which promote learning across the curriculum.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

In this area we are developing our social skills and learning how to follow rules in Nursery.   We encourage our children to develop their independence so that they can access all areas of the indoor and outdoor classrooms with confidence. We want all our children to come into Nursery happy and excited to learn so it is important that we provide a environment where they feel confident, cherished and loved.

Communication and Language

Within Nursery we place a high emphasis on speech and language activities and this is done through songs, rhymes, stories and spending a lot of time talking to the children.  We love to talk about our interests and the all the exciting things that we have done outside of Nursery. We are also supporting the children to develop their understanding of language through open-ended questions and modelling rich vocabulary.  

Physical Development

In Nursery, we are always developing our fine and gross motor skills.  We have plenty of opportunities to mark make and encourage our children to use a comfortable grip when writing, painting or drawing.  Outdoors there are lots of ways that the children can develop their gross motor skills such as riding bikes, throwing and catching balls, and using climbing equipment.  We are also supporting the children to use the toilet independently, wash their hands and about the importance of keeping fit and healthy.


Our children love to access books and share stories with each other.  We encourage the children to join in with stories that they know and support them in 'reading' books correctly e.g. turning pages, reading left to right.  We also use nursery rhymes, songs and poems to help the children to develop their literacy skills.  Mark making activities provide the children with opportunities to give meaning to the marks that they create, helping them to become writers!


In this area, we are helping the children to develop their understanding of number, shape, space and measures. We use numbers in all contexts and encourage the children to join in with counting activities.  The children are supported in using language associated with maths and are provided with plenty of problem solving activities linked to their individual interests.  

Understanding the World

Children are fascinated and curious about the world around them and we look to develop and guide this thirst for learning.  We have plenty of opportunities to talk about the children's home lives and encourage them to see how there are similarities and differences between themselves and their friends.  In this growing technological world, it is vital to expose the children to a range of ICT equipment which they can experiment with and recognise its purpose within their own lives.

Expressive Arts and Design

In this area, we are supporting the children in all areas of creativeness - art, design, drama, dance, music and role play.  Children love to imagine and create; we provide interest based opportunities to teach new skills and develop pre-existing skills.  Adults play a large part in this area, modelling language and demonstrating techniques which the children can then experiment with in their own play.

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