Year 4 Spring Term

The school day begins with registration at 8:55am and we really appreciate prompt time-keeping to get the children off to a good start. Each day we begin with reinforcing basic skills in Maths and English so it is vital that your child is in on time and ready to learn.

Reading diaries should be signed each night and will be checked each day. Please spend time discussing the book that your child brings home with them. We also encourage the children to read a range of other texts in addition to their home-school reading book. We would be grateful if you could comment on other books that your child reads at home.


In maths, Year 4 will be developing their understanding of multiplication and division, multiplying 3 numbers together and using factor pairs to aid with more difficult calculations. Times tables will remain a priority and we will continue to learn these off by heart. We will also be reinforcing our knowledge of shapes and their properties and will be plotting 2D shapes using co-ordinates. We will also be translating shapes. 

Later in the term we will work on fractions and decimals.


In English Year 4 wil be reading Monster Slayer (Brian Patten) and Beowolf and comparing and contrasting the different versions of the story. They will be developing character descriptions using rich language and ambitious vocabulary. We will be writing diary entries and our own myth based on the Beowolf structure. We will continue to work on dialogue, organising and punctuating speech correctly. To ensure our myths are coherent and exciting for the reader we will dvevlop our understanding of sentnce structure further, varying sentence lengths and types for effect. We will read non-fiction texts about Anglo-Saxons and produce our own reports including sub-headings, captions and text boxes. We will learn and perform the Beowolf poem.

Our class novel for this half term will be Beowolf retold by Michael Morpurgo. 

Image result for monster slayer brian pattenImage result for beowulf michael morpurgo


Year 4 will learn about Sound, how it is made, how it travels and how it changes. We will invetsigate different pitches and volumes and test how and why these change. We will learn the basic structure of the ear to help us understand how we hear sounds. We will research Anglo Saxon instruments and find out how these made sounds. 

Later in the term we will study states of matter, looking at different materials and deciding if they are solids, liquids and gases. We will study their structure and their properties and investigate how a material can exist in different states (ie) water. We will also study the processes of evaporation and condensation and learn abou the part they play in the water cycle. 


Year 4 will study a topic based on Jesus, the Son of God. This will deepen the children’s understanding of Jesus, who he was, his teaching and behaviour. They will use the events covered in the stories in this unit to illustrate and emphasise that Jesus is the Son of God; that he was born both God and man. Later in the term they will explore the festival of Easter. They will reflect upon the importance of power and the effect of betrayal, trust and forgiveness and will develop their understanding of the concept of salvation.


In topic the children will study the Anglo-Saxons. They will be learning about daily life during these times focussing on farming, religion, clothes and food. The children will also be finding about about the treasures that were uncovered during an archealogical dig at Sutton Hoo and making their own version of a Saxon brooch. Open the knowledge organiser below to find more details and practise your Anglo -Saxon facts!!


In computing the children will be learning to create algorithms to program a sprite using the Scratch software. They will create their own sprite and background based on an Anglo-Saxon theme. We will also be creating QR codes to link on-line articles about the Anglo-Saxons. 


In art we will study the artist Turner and will visit the Walker art gallery to look at his work more closely. The children will continue to practise and refine drawing techniques focussing on shade and form.  

Design and Technology

The children will be looking at Anglo-Saxon art and design particluarly stained glass windows. They will study colour, pattern and shade and use their findings to design and make their own stained glass pattern.


The children will be developing their skills in gymnastics, football and netball, as well as increasing their knowledge and understanding of the relationship between the body and exercise to improve fitness levels. They will be wearing their Fitbits trying to increse their daily exercise levels. 









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